We started the business in Sandton, 2007. We began as a local to Sandown, but quickly expanded to other areas of Sandton and Morningside. The growth was intimidating at first, but we decided to embrace it. We said, “Well we must doing something right”. We have worked hard to maintain high quality service within our expansion.

sandton locksmith service

We also noticed that surrounding companies were not necessarily striving for the best, or influencing themselves with updated information. We are not afraid of new ideas, or advanced technology. Instead of fighting against the grain, we made a choice to leave the past behind, and welcome the new and improved for a more successful future.


While we mainly offer commercial locksmith services, we do not like to limit ourselves to what we can or cannot do. In reality we can take on any task that relates to the field, whether a house or a business, it doesn’t matter. If we can help, we will. We are not stuck inside a comfort zone, we want to learn more. We are not your average locksmith business. We care more about you than we do about our locks. Your safety and security are important to us, and maybe that is why we stand apart, as Locksmith Sandton.


In the office and in the field, we hire locally. We strive to stay within our communities, and we strive to support our communities. When we can donate, we will. When we are needed, we will be there. We are here to serve.